Who is hitman of cricket

Who is hitman of cricket
In the world of cricket, a ‘hitman’ is a term often used to refer to an exceptionally talented batsman who can turn around any game with his powerful hitting skills. The tag of being the hitman in the cricketing world comes along with great responsibility and expertise as one needs to be prolific while dealing with different bowling attacks. One such instance of this caliber deductively points towards Rohit Sharma, an Indian International cricketer widely regarded as the ‘Hitman of Cricket.’

Rohit Sharma: A Brief Introduction

Born on April 30, 1987, Rohit Gurunath Sharma hails from India’s hustle-bustle city of Mumbai. He stepped into cricket at a young age and soon began making waves in domestic matches. His impeccable batting prowess earned him not only critical acclaim but a place in the national team.

Journey To The Top

Rohit’s journey to becoming the ‘Hitman’ of cricket wasn’t easy nor was it swift. It took years of hard work, dedication, determination, and perseverance for him to hone his talent and prove himself worthy of wearing the prestigious blue jersey. Initially overlooked due to inconsistent performances, he found his golden opportunity when regular opener Shikhar Dhawan fell ill during the champion trophy 2013 where he opened with gusto and performed commendably.

A Career Full Of Milestones

Ever since his rise to prominence as an opener for Team India, Sharma has never looked back. He has several records under his belt including being the only player globally capable of scoring three double centuries in One Day Internationals (ODIs), amassing the highest individual score by any batter in ODIs hitting a phenomenal 264 runs against Sri Lanka. Another feather in his cap was when he bludgeoned the fastest T20 international century off just 35 balls against Sri Lanka in 2017.

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Distinct Batting Technique

What sets Rohit Sharma or ‘Hitman’ apart from other batters is his distinct batting style and ability to play long innings under pressure. He owns an amazing combination of skills; the patience of a test cricketer, the stroke play of an ODI batsman and power-hitting prowess fit for T20 cricket. His effortless ability to combine finesse and aggression makes him one of the most feared batters in world cricket stocking up his ammunition of vast array shots on all sides of the pitch.

Leadership Role In Mumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma’s leadership qualities have further asserted his ‘hitman’ status in cricket. Under his captaincy, Mumbai Indians, a team he plays for in Indian Premier League (IPL) emerged victorious four times; making them the most successful franchise. His exemplary performances and tactical mastery over the game won hearts worldwide and instilled faith in Sharma as a proficient leader beyond being an accomplished batter.

A True Hitman Off-Field As Well

Apart from his cricketing exploits, this hitman has proven his mettle off-field as well by displaying tremendous temperament and sportsmanship spirit, inspiring millions around the globe. He also contributed extensively towards animal welfare proving that people with talents can make a difference which goes beyond their field.

Sharma’s journey from a youngster who dreamt of playing cricket at international level to becoming the ‘hitman’ resonates with aspiring cricketers across the globe. While his records speak volumes about skillset, it’s his zeal to keep improving every day that keeps fans excited whenever he steps onto the cricketing field.

To conclude, Rohit Sharma very much stands true on characterizing ‘Hitman’ tag for himself – a man possessing undeniable abilities to strike fear into any bowling attack alongside maintaining humility off-field. The true ‘Hitman’ of cricket embodies both the thrill and spirit of the sport.

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