Why is virat kohli out of form


Why is virat kohli out of form
Cricket aficionados have been left flabbergasted by the ostensibly continuous poor form of Indian skipper Virat Kohli. Often compared to cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara due to his phenomenal batting style and consistency in delivering big scores, Kohli’s ongoing lean patch has raised many eyebrows. As new cricketers step into limelight with their laudable performances, the question that continues to haunt fans globally is – Why is Virat Kohli out of form?

Pressure from Captaincy

The Burden of Leadership

There can be little doubt that taking up the mantle of leadership on the cricket field can greatly stress even a player as seasoned as Kohli. Firmly affixed within the public eye, every move he makes or fails to make becomes matter for scrutiny. He shoulders twin responsibilities: leading from the front by example with noteworthy personal performance while simultaneously guiding his team towards triumph.

Sacrificing Personal Performance for Team Goals

Moreover, his decision-making approach may have seen a subtle shift since donning the captain’s cap. Focusing on collective achievement rather than just personal milestones could be contributing substantially towards this ‘out-of-form’ perception surrounding him.

Poor Season with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

In recent months, Kohli’s performance with RCB hasn’t lived up to his earlier glorious standards either. His knockouts were squarely average compared to what one typically expects from an international icon like him. This mediocre performance at club-level cricket could precipitate into larger mental blocks affecting overall game strategy particularly in high-pressure run chases.

Technical Glitches in Batting Style

It appears as though some technical issues might have crept into Kohli’s game; insignificant on surface but having major repercussions on match outcomes if unattended.

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Flawed Footwork

Aside from his game strategy, closer inspection of Kohli’s form points towards an anomaly in footwork leading to recurrent dismissals. Cricket pundits are questioning if he is possibly failing to adjust pace according to variations in pitch. This may be causing imprecise connection between bat and ball often resulting in abrupt innings termination.

The Moving Ball Dilemma

Secondly, there’s the perplexing issue of swinging balls that has always haunted cricketers worldwide irrespective of their experience or caliber. Being a front-foot player, Kohli’s relatively less efficient back-and-across movement leaves him vulnerable against fast deliveries – something opposition teams might be exploiting advantageously with bowling strategies designed specifically targeting this shortcoming.

A Shift in Approach?

The passion, aggression, and desire inherent to Virat that we’ve come to admire could also paradoxically be contributing to his poor form. Implementing radical changes too swiftly can create new bottlenecks before effectively addressing pre-existing ones. If reports tumbling out of cricket world suggest accuracy, the captain seems inclined lately towards developing a fresh approach by incorporating newer techniques into his already evolved playing style – although these new tricks haven’t yet borne fruit.


Irrespective of reasons underlying Kohli’s dip in form, it remains important to acknowledge that even Achilles had a heel. The most astute players have faced troughs amidst peaks; the brilliance lies not just how high they rise but how they bounce back after falling.

Cricket fans have time and again witnessed show-stopping performances by one man alone who holds ability to turn tide drastically in India’s favor – Virat Kohli. It is perhaps time for them now to ardently cheer their hero on as he trudges past this challenging phase unwaveringly, setting sights on a triumphant return to form.

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