Who is sunil gavaskar

Who is sunil gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar, also known as Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, is a legendary Indian cricket player. Born on July 10th, 1949 in Bombay (now Mumbai), India, he is widely recognized for having been one of the greatest opening batsmen in cricket history. With his meticulous technique and unwavering determination, Sunil Gavaskar carved an indelible mark in the annals of international cricket.

Early Life and Beginnings in Cricket

Having inherited a love for cricket from his parents, young Gavaskar’s talent was evident early on. He received full encouragement from his family to pursue cricket professionally. His potential began to blossom when he played at St Xavier’s High School in Mumbai where he scored 246*,222 and 202 runs consecutively in school cricket matches.

The Debut

Gavaskar began playing first-class cricket for the Ranji team of Bombay in 1967. However, his breakout moment came during his test debut against West Indies at Port of Spain in March,1971.
On this tour, Gavaskar showed an amazing ability to face fast bowling head-on without showing fear or unease; skills which made him stand out among all other subcontinent batsmen.

Glorious Career

Over a career spanning sixteen years (from 1971 –1987), Gavaskar became synonymous with precision batting and masterclass openers. During these years, he represented India in 125 Test matches and 108 ODIs (One Day Internationals) amassing more than ten thousand runs across both formats.

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Gavaskar holds several records that speak volumes about his skill and determination: He was the first cricketer to score fifty centuries in Test Crickets and reach an aggregate of over ten thousands runs.

Encounters with the West Indies

Remarkably, Gavaskar mastered the swiftest bowlers from the West Indies, a team that dominated cricket during his era. He scored 13 centuries against this fearsome bowling attack – the most by any cricketer from outside the Caribbean islands at that time.

Retirement and Beyond

After retiring in late 1987, Gavaskar remained an influential figure in Indian cricket. He has undertaken several roles over the years including that of broadcaster, writer, ICC match referee and chairman of ICC cricket committee.
In 1994 he received India’s highest sporting honor –”Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna” Award. Then again in 1999 Mr. Sunil Gavaskar was awarded “Padma Bhushan” for his immense contribution to Cricket in India.

Sunil Gavaskar Today

Today, he is one of the most experienced voices on cricket matters globally. He is highly respected for his astute views on the game and is often invited as a guest commentator on international broadcast channels.Demonstrating incredible resilience and consistency throughout his professional journey, Sunil Gavaskar’s legacy remains engraved in cricket history globally.

Ultimately, it can be said confidently that Sunil Gavaskar was not only an exceptional batsman but also person who took Indian Cricket to new heights.His struggles,sacrifices & grit will always remain inspirational to millions around world.

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